How It Works

Ready to send your mini adventurer off on their travels? Complete the steps below and simply wait for their smile when they receive their personalised package! They’ll be inspired to learn through crafts, play and cooking, you might even learn a thing or two yourself!

Step 1

Type of Travel Ticket?

Single or Return? Just joking! Let us know how long you want the subscription box service to last, we offer monthly, six or twelve month gift packages

Step 2

Passport Details

Provide us with the name(s) of your mini-adventurer and we’ll make sure their package is personalised just for them.

Step 3

Let’s get you through security

Fill in your details and don’t forget to let us know where the gift boxes should be delivered. Our boxes deliver on or around the 25th of each month

Watch their excitement as they rush towards the letterbox knowing a package is coming just for them! A wonderful gift filled with activities that will inspire knowledge and acceptance of the world around them. Our products are wrapped in fun so little minds can learn through activity-based play.

Start your box today!

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