Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Our Little Globe over other subscription box gifts?

We’re clear that if you buy a product from Our Little Globe, we want to provide a quality, unique and fun gift that will keep your child occupied and be used again and again. That’s why our boxes have been give the once over by our super testers before they even reach your mini adventurers. If they like it, we’re confident your child will too.

I want to buy a unique gift for a child, but I’m not sure if they will like this gift.

Our boxes have been created especially for 5 – 10-year olds and are aimed at those who have a sense of adventure and who may have begun to express an interest in the world around them.

We subtly teach acceptance and understanding through our boxes by setting out the unique attributes of each country in a fun and interesting way. This is especially important at a time when we see so much bad news in our world.

What subscription packages do you offer?

Our aim is to be as versatile as possible in the packages we offer. Therefore, you have the option of a ‘monthly’, 6 or 12-month package. It will never be hard to cancel your subscription, but if you do feel like it’s not working for you and your child, we’d really appreciate your feedback before you cancel. Just contact us at [email protected]

What’s included in the Our Little Globe subscription box?

A full list of what’s included, can be found here.

I want to buy this gift, can I personalise it?

Our subscription service begins with a knock on the door or sound of the letterbox when their first Our Little Globe box arrives. Addressed to the mini-adventurer, the personalised theme follows through to the enveloped letter from their new friend in each country. Plus, they can personalise their own multi-country passport, with their name, address, passport picture as well as room to note down their favourite country! We also provide stickers for your explorer to decorate their unique suitcases. So yes! Lots of personalisation with very little effort from you.

I’m a single parent who lives away from my child, I want to buy a gift that provides us with quality time.

Yes, yes and more yes! Our Little Globe’s creators have experience of blended families. It was our aim to create a gift that provides an uncomplicated way to encourage conversation, play and most importantly fun into your time together. The box is easily transportable and will become a unique part of your time spent together as you plot your next adventures. Plus knowing their package will arrive every month at ‘mums’ or ‘dads’ house ensures you can plan some or all your time together.

I’m keen to buy a gift that helps to educate and improve understanding of the world around us – does your box help with that?

Our Little Globe’s message is about inclusivity and spreading a message of tolerance and acceptance in a way that is easy to understand for young minds. Our boxes are perfectly equipped to start the conversation that different is brilliant.

I want to talk to my child about what’s going on politically in the world, will the box help?

We don’t talk about political acts or potential changes to the governance of country until it has legally been recognised by the relevant authorities. The boxes focus on what it is like to live in different parts of the world and the way others live their lives. We always remain positive but equally don’t shy away from painting a realistic picture of a country.

Do you talk about Acts of War and/or Terrorism?

The creators of Our Little Globe both live in the North West of England. We were devastated by the terror attack on the Manchester Evening News Arena, but we know that one atrocity doesn’t define a City or indeed a Country. We agree that focussing on acts of war, including terrorism – may lead to a fear of travel and exploring which is not something we subscribe too.
If you are wishing to have these types of conversations with your mini adventurer, we like the idea of “looking for the good, in a bad situation.” For example, pointing out the firefighters, the policemen protecting people from danger and the doctors saving lives.

How do subscriptions work for siblings?

You can buy a single subscription for each child or they can share one subscription between multiple siblings. If you’d like. you can add in both their names when it comes to telling us who the gift is for, for example, Cillian and Finn.

I’m a teacher, can I buy a subscription package for my pupils?

Yes of course. We address your package to your classroom, For example, “The mini-adventurers of Year 2, Miss White’s Class.” You will receive;

  1. 1 x Our Little Globe suitcase box, this has a durable clasp designed to allow creative play. For example, packing for holidays and arriving at the airport – a great idea for a classmate to take home for the week to fill with an item they found on their last holiday or adventure!
  2. 2 x Country inserts – drawn to incorporate the characteristics of a country, so that your mini-adventurers can pin-point iconic sights, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the iconic Niagara Falls. Our illustrations are completely unique and drawn especially for your mini adventurer
  3. 30 x Our Little Globe passports – a passport for each mini-adventurer in your classroom, with lots of space to personalise their booklet, with their name, address, passport picture as well as room to note down their favourite country!
  4. 30 x Recipe cards – Our Little Globe is committed to ensuring that the boxes provide both individual play and family interaction. As such, each box comes with two recipes (one simple and one a little more difficult) which can either be brought home to give mum or dad a night off OR they can be used as part of a cookery lesson within the school environment.
  5. 15 x Craft Activity packs – designed for children to work in pairs to create a craft activity related to the country they are learning about. With lots of space for creativity, this is always a popular aspect of the box – anyone got the glue?!
  6. 1 x large world map – there’s nothing better than seeing the world from your desk! It provides the basis for many conversations from geography to history – a sure way to get those little minds working!
  7. 2 x letter – each month, your class will receive a letter from their new friends, it could be from Bikol in the Philippines or Miguel from Barcelona. The letter will build up a vision of what is really like to live in each country. Of course, we can’t provide all the information in one letter- but a snapshot can help to build an appreciation of the difference in arts, culture, history and food that makes each country unique. We always make sure to include at least five facts so that you can are assured your mini-adventurers are learning.   Our Little Globe’s message is about inclusivity and spreading a message of tolerance and acceptance in a way that is easy to understand for young minds. If you’d like to order this box, contact us at [email protected] for prices.
  8. Tell me about the suitcase my child will receive? Our suitcase is very different from other gift boxes your child might receive! We have designed the box, so it becomes part of the play element and acts as a stage for your child to live-out their adventures. We’ve worked with our designers to make sure it is durable, fun to look at and most importantly suitable to go on a big adventure. Look out for the surprise images inside the suitcases as well as the destination list of where your mini adventurer could travel to over the next 12 months!
  9. Will my child get a suitcase every month, I don’t have the space!   Don’t worry, your child will only receive their suitcase the first time you subscribe to Our Little Globe! Their subsequent packages will arrive in a smaller box or package that can be thrown away once the items have been removed.
  10. I’ve just received my package, I’d like to talk to you about it.    We’re really happy to talk to our customers, here’s our email address [email protected]

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