Activity boxes for kids to discover the world, always educational and fun too!

How It Works

Step One

We provide monthly country-themed activity boxes to inspire children to learn about the world around them.

Step Two

Each month a package will arrive addressed to them! Their boxes will be filled with crafts, cooking cards, stickers and so much more to encourage learning through fun!

Step Three

We provide gift certificates at checkout.Their personalised activity box will arrive on or around 28th of each month.

About the Boxes


Themed monthly activity boxes to keep kids busy & entertained ✅

Helps kids explore & understand unique cultures around the world ✅ 

First box comes free with mini suitcase, world map and passport ✅

Teach them that #differentisbrilliant 


 A great activity box delivered to your door, so little ones can explore a different country each month. Full of crafts & facts inspiring curiosity in our world! 

Simon, Teacher from "Secret Lives of 5 year olds"

"Jesse's package only arrived today but he loved it! He opened it straight away before he'd even taken off his shoes! He loved having something addressed to him!"

Laura, Manchester

"So happy with our 1st Little Globe package. Learning all about Spain this month. Lots of activities to help my grandchildren learn whilst playing x"

Mary, Kent

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